Metallica Minerals Ltd

Metallica Minerals Limited (ASX: MLM) is an Australian resource development company with interests in mining projects targeting the rare earth scandium and the metals nickel & cobalt and zircon-rutile minerals.

Our key project is the SCONI Project inland of Townsville in North Queensland.

Through this project, we aim to become the world’s largest and most reliable supplier of high-purity scandium oxide, a scarce "spice metal" which is used to strengthen aluminium alloys and also in solid oxide fuel cells.

SCONI is ideally located to access scandium export markets, just 3 hours’ drive north-west of the Port of Townsville, the third-largest seaport in Queensland.

Its potential viability is underpinned by economies of scale from three metals (scandium, nickel and cobalt), and Metallica’s proven proprietary technology for producing high-purity scandia from SCONI ore.

Metallica Minerals was established in 1997 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2004.